The Pyramid of Writing Priorities

Hi Friends,

I recently learned about the Pyramid of Writing Priorities (Silver, Dewing, & Perini, 2012), a guide we can use to assist our thinking about the types and frequency of writing we do in our classrooms. (Thank you Kristine Kelly and  Stephanie Sommers for introducing me to the Pyramid!) Here is the Pyramid:

A pyramid that describes the types and frequency of writing we can do in our classrooms with our adult education students.

Provisional Writing - Brief writing that supports learning

Examples: Quick writes, one-minute papers, exit tickets, turn/talk/write, brief reflections, chat responses

Readable Writing – Longer and more organized writing that supports learning

Examples: Short answer questions, paragraphs, on demand HSE extended responses

Polished Writing – Writing that goes through steps of the writing process (pre-writing, writing, 
revising, editing, and publishing)

Examples: Presentations, pamphlets, five-paragraph essays, poems, business emails  

How could you use the Pyramid to organize the types of writing you do in class?

What type of writing do your students do most often? Why?

Thanks for your thoughts,

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Group