Reading and Writing Community of Practice May Highlights

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are having a great start to June!  Here are some highlights from our May discussions:

Writing and Collaborating with Google Docs

Since Google Docs is becoming more widely used with programs doing remote learning, we summarized a recent webinar by Michael Matos on using Google Docs to write and collaborate.  Michael described several ways to use Google Docs to help students navigate the writing process, explore additional resources, and make a Doc interactive.

Working Together to Increase Tier 2 Vocabulary Lesson Usability

CrowdED Learning’s Jeff Goumas contributed a post on how to access and use Quizlet with Tier 2 vocabulary lessons developed by Adult Basic Skills Professional Development.  These lessons are now available in Google Drive and have Quizlet links and QR codes making these lessons more mobile learning friendly.

Discussion with Distance Educator Ashly Winkle

The community was informed and encouraged by veteran distance learning practitioner Ashly Winkle from the Literacy Council of Tyler, Texas.  Ashly shared how her program responded to the COVID crisis and provided valuable tips on remote learning.

Pun of the Month

Have you ever visited  It's a site for sore eyes!


Have a great June,


Steve Schmidt

Moderator, LINCS Reading and Writing Community of Practice