Sharing resource: creating text dependent questions for analytic reading


Hello everyone,

I was reading some messages in a couple of the other communities, and a person shared this website focused on common core standards and it caught my eye - called achievethecore (   I found a resource under “Steal These Tools” and I thought some members might be interested.  It’s a process guide for teachers to create good questions to help students improve mostly analytic reading skills; I would say it is not geared toward helping beginners, but perhaps I’m wrong, and there are plenty of suggestions for teaching/learning that could be adapted.  But anyway, the resource is called “A Guide to Creating Text Dependent Questions for Close Analytic Reading” (Guide to Creating Questions for Close Analytic Reading).  Part way through the article the authors mention “backward design”, which is a common principle used in creating assessments.  Also, the article includes a series of steps for generating questions and the final step is “Create Culminating Assessment”.  But the entire article is relevant to creating teaching activities/approaches that are transparent to teacher and student, which is what you ultimately strive for as much as possible in the classroom (do you agree with that?). 

I would be really interested in hearing people’s thoughts about:

-the article – helpful?  How so?

-backward design – do you use it?  Please tell us about it.

-the 7 steps for generating questions – can you use this in your teaching?  In what ways?

Thanks and looking forward to your messages.