Teaching adult basic literacy remotely

Hello LINCS Reading and Writing colleagues,

The terrific recent reading assessment discussion topics here with John Strucker, especially posts by John and Marn Frank about remote assessment, remind me of a question that many here may have struggled with out of necessity in the past year: What are the most successful ways you have found to teach reading remotely (online, or by phone with mailed or delivered hard copy instructional materials) to adult basic literacy learners? I'm interested in instruction and assessment, both online tutoring and small group instruction, or using telephone conference calls and hard copy mailed or hand-delivered instructional materials.

A colleague, asking for help, recently framed the question this way:  "We have turned ourselves into pretzels to re-imagine (doing what we have been successfully doing in person online) but, it is not sustainable or scalable due to the high cost and intensity of effort required -- specifically, to make it work online."

If you have been successful in tutoring or teaching adult basic literacy students remotely, please tell us what has worked for you. What online basic reading software do you use? What telephone conferencing service works well for you? What reading apps have you found useful?

David J. Rosen