Welcome to the New LINCS platform - Password Reset Required!

Hi Everyone,

The Reading and Writing Community of Practice, along with the rest of LINCS, migrated to a new digital platform over the past four days.  In order to use the new platform, you will need to do a password reset when you first come to log in. 

Click HERE to find information about the password reset process.  Once a link is sent to your email address, click on it to create your new password.  There are some new password creation requirements to keep in mind:

Password Requirements

  • Passwords must be at least 16 characters long
  • Passwords must not contain the user’s username
  • Passwords must use at least 4 different character types
    • lowercase letters
    • uppercase letters
    • digits
    • special characters 
  • Passwords must also pass a strength test - avoid the following in your password:
    • Dates (including partial dates such as the year - example: 2020)
    • Plain words pulled from a dictionary
    • Sequences of three or more identical digits in a row
    • Sequences of three or more identical characters in a row
    • Keyboard patterns (example: qwerty - or other keyboard sequences)
  • You cannot reuse a password you’ve used previously


I look forward to interacting with you in the new look LINCS community!



Steve Schmidt

LINCS Reading and Writing CoP Moderator