Writing Using Google Jamboard

Hi Everyone,

For remote writing teaching, we are all looking for ways to increase interactivity and create community collaboration. One tool that can help make this desire a reality is Google Jamboard. Part of the Google Suite, Jamboard functions as an interactive digital whiteboard.

If you are new to Jamboard, watch this excellent tutorial on how to get started. The video creator suggested several ways to use Jamboard for writing. As a preview activity, an instructor could post a picture and ask students what they noticed and wondered about it. Students can respond either with virtual sticky notes or the newly added text box feature. The New York Times offers the free What’s Going On In This Picture resource where students could write captions or a paragraph to explain these out of context pictures. The creator also suggested having students post pictures in Jamboard to describe how they are feeling today or post an image and caption to summarize what they learned in a lesson or during the past week.

An exciting recent Jamboard addition is the shapes tool. Instructors could use shapes to create a custom graphic organizer such as for compare and contrast. Working together as a class, students could complete the organizer using sticky notes or the text box feature.

Students can post stickies and text boxes anonymously or have them identify themselves in their notes. Instructors may also assign students different color stickies to use as they write. Looking for other ideas? I recommend this article from a language teacher.

How are you teaching writing remotely?

How have you used Google Jamboard?


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Steve Schmidt

Moderator, LINCS Reading and Writing CoP