Supporting Family Learning and Literacy

Asynchronous Discussion

On August 23, the LINCS Reading and Writing, Teaching and Learning, and English Language Acquisition groups will host a one-day asynchronous discussion with Dr. Esther Prins and Emily Wolfe of Penn State University. We will have the unique opportunity to hear from both a family literacy teacher and noted researcher. They will discuss principles for working with families with low incomes, effective strategies for supporting parents’ own education and their involvement in children’s learning and education, and how family literacy instruction can be adapted to remote/online settings. Please bring your questions and comments for the discussion that will last throughout the day!


Hi Margie,

The August 23, 2022 Supporting Family Learning and Literacy event is an asynchronous discussion, so it does not require registration. Participants will pose written questions throughout the day which Dr. Prins and Mrs. Wolfe will answer. Since you are a member of the group, feel free to pose questions and share reactions on the day of the discussion. Click HERE to see an example of a previous discussion.

Thanks for your question,

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Group