Embedding Questions in Videos using Edpuzzle

This moth 45 members of the science community joined our Coffee Break to explore Edpuzzle. 

Edpuzzle (www.edpuzzle.com) is a free web-based interactive video and formative assessment tool that lets users crop existing online videos and add content to target specific learning objectives. Teachers can search the extensive library or upload their own videos to customize them with voice-overs, audio comments, embedded assessment questions, and additional resources. 

There are also options to choose from the site’s curriculum content, assign due dates, and prohibit students from fast-forwarding through videos. Teachers can view students’ scores and progress over time as well as the length of time students took to complete an assignment. Data from the embedded quizzes is saved in Edpuzzle’s dashboard; however, teachers can easily export and incorporate it into other grade- and course-management systems.

Using Edpuzzle for Remote Video Lessons (short introduction)

Remote Teaching with Edpuzzle (comprehensive step-by-step guide)

Download Edpuzzle's Google Chrome extension and transfer any YouTube video to your content in Edpuzzle in just one click! Download Extension

Disclaimer: OCTAE does not endorse or promote the purchase of any resource. With the basic (free) level Edpuzzle account the following features are included:   

  • Find an existing Edpuzzle video
  • Download the Edpuzzle Extension for Chrome
  • Add questions/audio to a third party YouTube video
  • Connect Edpuzzles to a class or a LMS
  • Assign Edpuzzles to an individual or class/LMS
  • See Edpuzzle Responses