The Future of Ocean Farming

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Ocean Service Communication and Education Division has developed a five-part video series that explores how sustainable ocean farming is by helping to grow healthy seafood and support a cleaner ocean. The series features videos of marine scientists at work and explores many important aspects of ocean farming, including an overview of the fishing industry (School of Fish); technology use in aquaculture (Remote Control); 3-D Ocean Farming; Innovations in American Aquaculture; and shell recycling programs (No Shell Left Behind). Each video is approximately five minutes long and is accompanied by a written transcript and a code for embedding the video in lesson presentations. In addition, bonus videos highlight unique developments that have arisen from the aquaculture industry, such as an app to assess an ocean location’s suitability for aquaculture and recipes to use kelp in cooking. 

Check the resource: The Future of Ocean Farming