Webinar on Teaching Clean Energy Concepts - for home, work, community

Uploaded image from Sandy GoodmanJoin the National College Transition Network for:
Teaching about Clean Energy for Work, Home, and Community
Webinar - 2:00PM - 3:30 PM EST Wednesday, December 4th

The clean energy sector represents a potential opportunity for ABE students to enter training and career pathways in a variety of occupations - engineering/technical, administrative, customer service, manufacturing, skilled trades, installation and maintenance - that can address the growing workforce needs of the sector. Equally important is to help students become informed consumers, citizens, and advocates for products, services, and policies that develop strategies for increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs as well as helping to grow and sustain the clean energy economy.  


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World Education, in partnership with Finding Earth Works, designed the ABE Clean Energy Ambassadors project to address the misalignment between the potential opportunity offered by the emerging clean energy sector and the lack of information and exposure afforded to the ABE field.

The ABE Clean Energy Ambassadors project was designed to provide clean energy industry background information, key concepts and real-world industry exposure to participating program staff and students. The project enhanced staff capacity to teach students about clean energy and provide informed guidance on local clean energy career and training opportunities.

  • Learn about the project activities, 100-plus curriculum resources collected, and participating staff and student outcomes.
  • Identify resources and tools you can use to investigate the potential clean energy career and training opportunities in clean energy.
  • Discuss the potential for implementing a similar clean energy project in your region or program.

This webinar would be particularly useful to you if:

  • You are an adult education program administrator, teacher, or a counselor/advisor looking for ways to enhance both the STEM and career-readiness aspects of your curricula and programming
  • You are staff at a workforce development organization charged with building industry awareness, employer engagement and connections to training and education providers for low-skilled adults.
  • You are state adult education administrators or professional developers interested in models of professional development that engage employers and other industry and training stakeholders. 


Sandy Goodman is the Director of Career Pathways at the National College Transition Network (NCTN), where her work includes designing and leading college transition and career pathways initiatives.


Alex Risley Schroeder has 20 years of experience in the fields of adult basic education and workforce development. Since launching Finding Earth Works, she has helped educators and program developers integrate "green economy" thinking into their curricula.


Read Sandy's recent article, Building Clean Energy Workforce Capacity in Massachusetts.