Are you familiar with KLEWS?

On August 18th, the Reading and Writing and Science communities held a live event entitled Science and Literacy Practices Working Together. We shared several useful tools that strengthen reading skills while teaching in content areas. 

The  KLEWS Graphic Organizer Graphic organizers are valuable because they make students’ thinking visible. 

The KWL chart has been adapted for science learning as follows: 

  • K - What do we think we know? 
  • L - What are we learning? [claims]
  • E - What is our evidence? 
  • W - What do we still wonder about? 
  • S - What scientific principles/vocabulary help explain the phenomena?

Click here to read more about using KLEWS in teaching science content and here to see a model of how KLEWS can be used in a science lesson.

How could you use  KLEWS with your students? How have you used or modified a KWL chart?