COABE - Sessions and Discussions

Hi All, 

I will be heading to Florida on Sunday - but for those who are able to attend, I am sharing all of the Science and Health Literacy related sessions. For those who are not able to attend, I will be sharing information learned from as many sessions as possible. 

Sunday: Pre Session: 

  • P308 - Scientific Inquiry and the GED(r) Science Test. (Presenters: Bonnie Goonen andSusan Pittman) 


  • S213: Health Literacy for the Classroom - A Must-Have for Adult and English Learners: (Presenters:  Julie McKinney and Greg Smith.)
  • S216: Immigrants in Health Care: Imperatives for Workforce Development (Presenters: Marcia Hohn and Denzil Mohammed)
  • S224: Science Projects for the Adult Education Classroom. (Presenter: Jeffrey Elmore)
  • S314: It's All Magic Until It's Science: Explore the Brains of Adult Learners to Discover Their Learning Strengths and Weaknesses. (Presenter: Janet Zadina)


  • S626 - Teaching Science Through Inquiry: Concepts in Evolution. (Presenter: Eric Appleton)

I hope I didn't miss any. :-)

See you in Florida.