ICYMI: July Reflections


During July, our conversations were a bit quiet but there were a few interesting posts about integrating science into the adult education classroom.

Heidi Schuler-Jones posed questions about the Next Generation Science Standards and College and Career Readiness for reading and math and the overlap that seems to exist within Science.  She inquired about how adult educators might begin to use science as a way to introduce reading and/or math.  I encourage you to check her discussion out.  Heidi is a member of our CoP, a LINCS Science Trainer, and an expert in the field.  We all can learn and grow together.

The moderator for the Program Management and Integrating Technology communities, David Rosen, began a discussion on research. Posing the question, Does research evidence affect policy and practice, to multiple groups, he has facilitated a rich discussion. How do you use research and what is the difference between conventional wisdom and data-driven, empirical research? I invite you to chime in.

Reminder:  LINCS offers several FREE online PD courses on Science.  If you haven’t taken looked into it I want to encourage you to.  This resource introduces how science can be utilized in the adult education classroom

Call to Action: Join in the conversation on the Math and Numeracy COP.  Our community is a place practitioners, advocates, researchers, learners, policymakers, and others discuss mathematics and numeracy issues in adult education, including research and evidence-based practices, instructional strategies, and resources.  The community needs your expertise to create a place that is engaging and a resource for others in the field of adult education.  Let's continue our discussions here!


Brooke Istas