LINCS Resource for Science and Math

Starting a new academic year brings both new challenges and new resources. I'd like to share a resource from the LINCS collection. Interactivate is a set of free web-based resources for Math and Science instruction focused on modeling. There are 187 math lessons, but the lessons on modeling are particularly recommended for adult education classes. 

I invite you to check out this resource. Have you used this in the past? If so, how did it work for you/? If you look through this, consider sharing how you would use it with your students. 

​Kathy Tracey



I used something from shodor in the past -- don't remember what it was, but I remember being impressed with it :) 

Looking at the list now, I thought "these are 'way above what we're doing," but I kept scrolling and there are lessons for more basic things.   is a cool "area explorer."   Now, the questions that go with it -- for grades 3-5? - are complex text and jump straight to the abstract generalities.   Students who are "exploring" would benefit from a little more guidance, I suspect. What's a "grid line intersection" anyway? A corner?   No, I think we're counting lines -- essentially counting out the perimeter... so asking "what's the correlation" .. it just feels uncomfortable.   Still, I could see using this and having students have directions for filling in the "record sheet" and facilitating discovering the different shapes with same perimeter and different areas...