Online Course: Teaching Energy to Adult Learners

As you are completing the Teaching Energy Literacy to Adult Learners online course, please share your teaching ideas and strategies here. If you have implemented any of the ideas in this course, please share those experiences here for the good of all teachers. If you have gotten feedback from learners, please share that too! 

This discussion thread is also a place where you can post your questions, comments, and calls for teaching ideas. Your colleagues who have also taken the course can provide their insights and support. Discuss and apply your newly acquired knowledge and learn about others' experiences in helping adult learners become energy literate.





This concept of teaching energy to adult learners is completely new yet exciting to me. I look forward to utilizing the resources provided in this course. I'm sure that it will enable my students to powerful insight and help them to become more successful in comprehension and understanding of science and energy.

Really thought this course was beneficial.  The resources and concepts can be incorporated into not only science class. but math. RLA. and social studies as well.  Thanks 

This was an excellent training.  There is a plethora of resources and information available to help teachers and students to understand how energy works and how it effects our everyday life.  This training also provides resources on how to support students learning and growth.  Excellent information!

I am glad that you found the course valuable!  I know your students will love learning science, too.

I am an Adult Educator who has taught ESL, GED, and IET classes.This type of training is vital because it extends into real adult life issues.  After completing the training, I enjoyed exploring the interesting websites.