Place-Based Scientific Inquiry: A Practical Handbook for Teaching Outside

Benjamin Wong Blonder, an assistant professor specializing in ecology and environmental education at the University of California-Berkeley, along with his team, has released an openly accessible book through Routledge. This book is centered around assisting educators in effectively overseeing scientific inquiry projects that are firmly rooted in local surroundings and environments.

Utilizing the Next Generation Science Standards, the book establishes a robust conceptual and pragmatic framework to enhance community involvement within a classroom that prioritizes justice. Complete with fundamental concepts, step-by-step instructional pointers, ready-to-use templates, visual aids, and instances of student achievements, the book has been crafted as an extensive and pragmatic guidebook for teachers. The content draws from the extensive teaching experience of the authors, who have backgrounds as both public school educators and informal science instructors. The online version of the book is readily available for free access to all interested readers.

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