Science Monthly Summary for June 2019

Do you want to catch up on the latest hot topics in the Science Community?  

June found us looking for Science/Math in the News!  The posting was about looking at nature and using mathematics to explain what was happening.  This is a great way to integrate Scientific Concepts into your classroom and develop lessons that are cross-curricular.  The Science Community is growing which is great, but the participation is a bit slow from the community.

 Please join in the conversation on the Science COP.  Our community is a place practitioners, advocates, researchers, learners, policymakers, and others discuss mathematics and numeracy issues in adult education, including research and evidence-based practices, instructional strategies, and resources.  The community needs your expertise to create a place that is engaging and a resource for others in the field of adult education.  Tell us what you are doing in your classroom.  What works?  What doesn't work and why?  How do you incorporate Science into your classrooms?  Let's continue our discussions here!

Yours in Scientific Curiosity,

Brooke Istas
Science CoP Moderator