ACTE's CTE Learn Introduces Career Pathways Resources

CTE Learn is the online learning portal for the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). This open access resource includes online courses, free lessons and modules to support students' and teachers' knowledge of CTE Career Readiness, as well as Post-secondary Education in the U.S.  The CTE Learn site includes a number of resources that can be used to support Career Pathways programming.  Check them out below:

CTE Lessons - Expand your knowledge and skills as a CTE professional.
Workplace Skills Tutorials - Learn the skills you need to boost your career success.
Career Ed Lounge - Learn and share with your peers.
Development Tool - Identify and achieve your performance goals.




























































































































Among the new free offerings are:


ยท         23 Workplace Skills Tutorials



Thanks Mike, This is a wonderful compilation of resources. I especially enjoyed the focus on professional development. Course CT302, Professional Development Planning for Administrators, clearly outlines steps to take to guide PD. Which resources did you like? How will you use them? Kathy