AmeriCorps Indian Tribes Grant Competition

AmeriCorps State and National is hosting an on-site training for eligible Indian Tribes grant applicants April 18-20 in Mesa, Arizona.

If you are interested in attending, please email today to get more information.

The training is free to attend and CNCS has funds to pay for/reimburse attendees for their travel and lodging expenses. This is a great opportunity for an interested applicant to learn more about AmeriCorps grants, the application process, and receive training on AmeriCorps grant selection criteria.

Of note:

  • The training will begin at 1pm on April 18 and conclude at noon on April 20.
  •  You must stay at the conference hotel to receive reimbursement and reservations must be made by April 12.
  • Travel will be booked to/from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.
  • CNCS will pay upfront costs for your air travel. All other expenses will be reimbursed after you return home from the training.
  • Since it is occurring just three weeks before the application deadline, it will be very important that attendees have a general idea of how AmeriCorps might work best in your community.

For more information about the AmeriCorps Indian Tribes Grant Competition, please visit our website.