Career Pathway Implementation 101: Developing High-Quality Curriculum and Instructional Practice

National Center for Innovation in Career and Technical Education (NCICTE)

This training features a set of modules to help high school educators' design and deliver standards-based, integrated curricula and improve instructional practices. The modules discuss what college and career readiness means at the high school level and include examples of how to integrate Common Core state standards with in-demand technical skills.

The training offers the following four training modules:
  • Career Pathway Implementation 101: Developing High-Quality Curriculum and Instructional Practice

            Review the key questions addressed in this training, provides a deep understanding of career pathways, and explains the rationale for

            a pathway approach.  

  • Defining and Assessing College and Career Readiness

            Learn about the evidence of pathway effectiveness and what makes career pathways different from traditional secondary schooling.

  • Pathway Curriculum Development and the Common Core

            See a career pathway in action, and observe how learning and teaching is different.

  • Developing Standards-Aligned Integrated Projects and High-Quality Work-Based Learning Experiences and Systems

            Hear from teachers about how career pathways change their teaching practice and how communities of practice support pathway

            instructional design.