CLASP's Questions to Consider When Reviewing Draft WIOA State Plans

The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) has released a document titled, Questions to Consider When Reviewing Draft WIOA State Plans.  This resource includes questions related to career pathways, and the link to their memo with recommendations for state and local jurisdictions to realize opportunities for career pathways, as part of WIOA.  

Below are the questions from this document.

 Does the draft state plan describe how the state will implement career pathways? Does the state adopt the WIOA statutory definition of career pathways?

 Is there a description of how the state will ensure that career pathways are accessible to high-need adults and out-of-school youth, including supportive services and entry-paths for individuals with low basic skills?

 Does the draft state plan advise local boards regarding the requirement that local areas use youth funds to conduct an objective assessment “for the purpose of identifying appropriate services and career pathways for participants"?