Department of Labor's Reemployment & System Integration Dislocated Worker Grants

The U.S. Department of Labor recently announced a new grant aimed at improving state information technology (IT) systems connecting programs and services for dislocated workers.

These new "Reemployment & System Integration Dislocated Worker Grants" will provide seed money for states to make technological changes that support and advance connectivity among their existing IT systems and databases in at least one of three areas:

  • Common registration and case management across the Dislocated Worker, Wagner-Peyser employment services, and state Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs;
  • Implementation of online service delivery "hubs" that integrate information and services across programs; and/or
  • Data integration to help front-line staff more effectively connect dislocated workers with information and services, such as incorporating real-time labor market information or training provider performance outcomes into online services.

The initiative is designed to provide funding to all states, with up to $65 million available from the National Dislocated Worker Grants fund (National Reserve).  Labor awards these WIOA.  For more information, please see the Employment & Training Administration's Training and Guidance Letter (TEGL 5-16) and associated webpage.