Does Higher Education Teach Students to Think Critically?

Please join AIR on Thursday, January 26 for a presentation on the recent OECD report: Does Higher Education Teach Students to Think Critically? which includes data from six countries. Globally, the proportion of students who are proficient in critical thinking increased between entering and exiting higher education. However, the proportion of students who are graduating without proficiency is still quite high (47% domestically and internationally).

This presentation will also review findings from a study of Finnish undergraduate students that included participants at the initial and final stages of their undergraduate degree programs from 18 higher education institutions. Results showed that almost 60% of the Finnish undergraduate students are not proficient in critical thinking, and that educational and socioeconomic background play an important role in explaining the variation of the mastery levels of critical thinking skills among Finnish undergraduate students. Assessment combined with a concerted effort to improve students’ higher order skills is an essential component of best practice in higher education.

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Hi, Chrissie..

I'm wondering about this presentation. You mentioned about six countries reported on OECD.

As I'm living in Indonesia, are the countries mentioned include those from Asia? I might find the presentation helpful for my own research. Thanks.