Free CTE Contextual Learning Resources for Algebra and Geometry

Contextual Learning Concepts (CLC) was developed in 2005 through Tech Prep Grant funding.  Since its first year, thousands of students have used this curriculum to learn how math is used in construction at over 150 CTE programs nationwide.  Under CLC, there are two curricular resources for teaching algebra and geometry.

AMPED, Algebra I in Manufacturing Processes, Entrepreneurship and Design (AMPED) is an Algebra I course taught using project-based learning.  AMPED contextualizes manufacturing processes and business standards using principles of Algebra I, through teaching quadratics and the law of diminishing returns.  Learners using AMPED curriculum will operate a business running a fabrication lab customizing textiles and manufacturing wood, metal, and/or plastic goods.  The proceeds generated from the business are then utilized to fund the venture and provide philanthropic opportunities for community service, or monetary gifts to local charities.  Students learn skill sets in engineering techniques including sublimation, CNC operations, and rapid prototyping.  Other areas for student engagement include composite technologies, alternative energies, and automation robotics. Here is a link to AMPED's lesson plan inventory.  

CLC also offers lesson materials for Geometry in Construction, including resources and activities, and a classroom presentation.