Good Jobs that Pay without a BA Degree

30 Million workers without a Bachelor’s degree have good jobs.  Even though the decline in the manufacturing economy eliminated many good jobs for high school graduates, there are still 30 million good jobs in the U.S. that pay well, without a BA., according to new research from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.  Georgetown, in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase & Co., finds that these 30 million jobs have a median salary of $55,000. 

Research shows that these jobs continue to grow, but that they are changing from traditional blue-collar industries to skilled-services industries. A gain of 4 million good jobs in skilled-services industries, such as financial services and health services, has more than offset the 2.8 million good jobs lost in manufacturing. The centerpiece of this collaboration will include an interactive online database that documents the concentration of these good jobs, nationally, at the state level, by industry and occupation, and by wage., launching in the fall, will examine other characteristics that show the quality of these good jobs and the demographics of those who hold them.  To view the report and a video of the findings, visit


Explore the 30 million good jobs for workers without bachelor’s degrees using our interactive tool.  What's a good job?, explores jobs that pay without a bacherlors, and the demographics of those who hold them. The interactive website features a tool that allows users to sort jobs by industry, occupation, and education level at the national and state level.  This new site explores the job market for these workers, and focuses on jobs which have median earnings of $55,000, or more.

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Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator