Job Announcement: Lead Trainer, LaGuardia Community College/CUNY

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to share a job announcement for a Lead Trainer/Manager position with the College and Career Pathways Institute (CCPI) at LaGuardia Community College.

Please view the job description at:   to learn more. The deadline to apply is 5/10/14.

The Professional Development Institute Manager will coordinate the design and delivery of professional development offerings and curriculum development initiatives at LaGuardia Community College's College and Career Pathways Institute (CCPI).  

The College and Career Pathways Institute aims to share LaGuardia's evidence-based approach to contextualized instructional strategies with practitioners interested in creating career and college-readiness programs for adult learners at universities, community based organizations, and secondary education settings.  

The Professional Development Institute Manager is an experienced and creative educator with excellent presentation, communication, and time management skills. The manager negotiates multiple roles, including:  business developer, staff supervisor, instructor, curriculum writer, and presenter.  The position requires a unique combination of entrepreneurial and instructional expertise for the creative development and presentation of professional development materials. 

Best Regards,
Wynne Ferdinand

CCPI, LaGuardia Community College