July 2019 Community Highlights

July was a busy month, with several new discussions taking place in the community, and continued discussion on the topic of media literacy

We had a post asking, “Are our Career Pathways already out-of-date? Do workers and employers need a Careers Waze?” based on a Wall Street Journal article, Why Companies Are Failing at Reskilling"  Member Elena Taylor-Garcia commented that, “Companies and other stakeholders are seeing that an attitude of "If they want a job, they will figure it out!" isn't working so well.  In my humble experience, shifting training and education costs onto workers and their families is usually not working.” 

In another thread, No Matter What Obstacle is Thrown My Waya report highlighting the experience of working, single mothers, was shared.  One of the co-authors and LINCS member, Sandy Goodman, joined the conversation looking for programs' targeted strategies to support single mothers.  She also noted that members may be interested in the report section on workforce development and career pathways preparation on pgs. 21-25.

There was a new thread started on Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) Team Teaching Models, which shared free, online training videos for I-BEST linked to from the Media Library of Teaching  Skills, Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) Team Teaching Models.   Member, Laurie Bargstedt asked for new ideas for an IELCE project that result in a certification.  Share your thoughts with Laurie and other members looking for similar advice.

Finally, members were part of a discussion in response to the question, Does research evidence affect policy and practice?  Community member, Paul Jurmo, shared a historical perspective on research in the area of 'work-related' education.  What is your experience with accessing and using research on career pathways to inform your practice?


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator