National Skills Coalition Launch of SKILLSpan

The National Skills Coalition (NSC) has launched SKILLSpan, a nationwide network of "non-partisan coalitions focused on advancing state policies that expand economic opportunities for workers and their families while boosting local businesses’ capacity".  

According to NSC,  SkillSPAN coalitions include policy and research organizations, community-based organizations, businesses, unions, community colleges, workforce boards, state and local agencies, and others advocating for a shared agenda. As a national network, SkillSPAN leverages the combined expertise of state coalition members and amplifies their collective voices in state capitols across the nation. Ten state coalitions in CA, GA, IA, IN, IL, MA MI, NC, TN, and WA joined SkillSPAN in 2019. An additional ten are slated to join in 2020, with further growth planned in 2021.

SkillSPAN coalitions will use NSC’s new BLU state affiliate network to represent businesses in their states.  In March 2019, National Skills Coalition will announce the members of that network in partnership with the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives. BLU includes businesses working with local partners to train and hire for skilled jobs, upskill existing workforces, and invest in workers’ skills. By working in partnership on a shared agenda, SkillSPAN and BLU will work towards policy that support workers and businesses.