National Skills Coalition's Skills for Good Jobs: An Agenda for the Next President

A new report from National Skills Coalition offers federal policy proposals to put millions of Americans on the pathway to good-paying, middle-skill jobs.    These recommendations, developed in consultation with dozens of state and national advisors, describe ways to make education and workforce data a valuable tool for expanding individual opportunity and economic prosperity.

The Skills for Good Jobs Agenda includes eight visionary proposals as well as specific, measurable targets that can be achieved by the conclusion of the next president’s first term (2020).

1. A National Infrastructure of Regional Industry Workforce Partnerships

2. A Job-Driven Community College Compact for Today’s Students

3. One Working Apprentice for Every Four Full-Time College Students

4. An Upskilling Guarantee for America’s Frontline Workers

5. Integrating America’s Growing Immigrant Workforce

6. Welfare to Careers: A Skills-Based Approach to Poverty Reduction

7. Building a Diverse Workforce to Rebuild our Nation’s Infrastructure

8. Smart Data for a 21st Century Skilled Workforce
Based on the synopses provided in this document, what do you think should be the new administration's top priorities from this list?
Mike Cruse
Career Pathways Moderator