New Beginnings in the Career Pathways Community

 “Change is the only constant in life.”  - Heraclitus, Greek philosopher 

While many of our days seem to be repeating those of the recent past, change is still happening around us.  That's no less true in the LINCS community, as we welcome a new cohort of moderators.

It is my pleasure to introduce Chrissie Klinger as the new Career Pathways moderator.  Chrissie comes with a wealth of experience that will serve our community well in 2021.  Please join me in welcoming her as she assumes this role today!

I have enjoyed engaging with many of you as moderator for the last (almost) six years, and look forward to following how the community continues to grow and develop in the future.  

Chrissie and I will be co-hosting a community event later this month, in celebration of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month.  Keep an eye on the community events for more information.


Mike Cruse