October 2019 Community Highlights

October was National Disability Employment Awareness Month, as well as being a season of many learning conferences.  One in particular was shared by member and LINCS trainer, KayLynn Hamilton, who shared about the Employability Skills Framework (ESF) at the Louisiana Association for Public, Community and Adult Education (LAPCAE).  This lead to some rich discussion around the ESF and its application to Integrated Education and Training.  

Member Eden Baker, who is with Lumina Labs, also shared a request for input around OCTAE's pre-apprenticeship initiative.   Lumina staff are hoping to have conversations with you, to inform the design of an open, innovation initiative for providing quality resources to pre-apprenticeship programs.  If you are interested in having a brief conversation about your experience delivering pre-apprenticeship training, you can contact Eden for more information.  

Finally, member Chelle Moore responded to the National Skills Coalition's (NSC) published report, Expanding Opportunities: Defining Quality Non-Degree Credentials for States, which proposes a consensus definition of quality non-degree credentials and criteria.  Chelle raised questions about NSC's metrics for 'substantial employment' across different rural and urban communities.  What are your thoughts on NSC's efforts to define quality non-degree credentials?  It's not too late to join the conversation, and share your opinion and perspective!


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator