Rehabiliation Services Administration (RSA) 911: Data Dashboards

Does your WIOA State Plan include work with your state’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) partners?  If so, this is important data for you to know about too!

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) has developed RSA-911 data dashboards which include feedback on quarterly and Program Year data to State VR Agencies. The data dashboards include specific data elements that agencies can use for quality assurance reviews and evaluation of your program. 
The five data dashboards include the following:

  • WIOA Participant Characteristics for Annual Report
  • Summary of Education and Training Services Provided by VR
  • Individuals Who Have Exited the VR Program
  • Other Participant Characteristics by Agency
  • Individuals Who Received Pre-Employment Transition Services

(These dashboards have been saved to the secure state share folder as PDF titled StateAgency_QAPY2017Q3)

The WINTAC, in partnership with RSA, has recorded an informational webinar to explain the data dashboards, including examples of how the charts can be used for quality assurance and evaluation. A link to the pre-recorded webinar and transcripts can be found on the WINTAC website at:

We hope this information is useful to you and your agency. Please contact with questions for the RSA Data and Analysis Unit, and Rachel Anderson at or Betsy Hopkins at for Technical Assistance regarding this resource through the WINTAC.