Report: Career Pathways: Five Ways to Connect College and Careers

Hello all, 

The Center on Education and the Workforce released a new report this morning and I wanted to share...

Today’s economy requires at least some college education to enter the middle class, and with more postsecondary education choices than ever, students need to know the return on one of the biggest investments they will ever make. Today, we released a new report that calls on states to help students, their families, and employers unpack the meaning of postsecondary credentials and assess their value in the labor market.

Career Pathways: Five Ways to Connect College and Careers finds that the lack of transparency around college and careers leads to costly and uninformed decisions. The report argues that postsecondary education and training needs to be more closely aligned to careers to help close the skills gap. 

The report posits that integrating education and workforce data will go a long way in removing the guesswork for individuals navigating the college and career maze. A number of states have started to leverage integrated education and workforce data by developing publicly available information tools in these five areas:

  • Education Projections, Business Expansion, and Workforce Quality 
  • Program Alignment with Labor Market Demand 
  • Curriculum Alignment with Workforce Requirements 
  • Counseling and Career Pathways
  • Job Placement and Skills Gap Analysis

Reducing the confusion around college and careers will arm more individuals with the skills they need in the 21st-century economy and offer employers the skilled workforce they require.