Second Chance Fellow at the U.S. Department of Justice Releases Video on Pathways from Prison to Work

LINCS Community Member, John P. Linton shared this message and video with the Correctional Education group, but I think it would be of interest to many here as well.

Daryl Atkinson, the Second Chance Fellow at the U.S. Department of Justice, has posted a new video to YouTube that includes his voice and quite a number of other formerly incarcerated individuals speaking to persons preparing for reentry.  The message is essentially -- "We made it and you can too."  It is about 15 minutes long and includes a good diversity of persons.  Some of the speakers are shown at their job sites.  Speakers repeatedly urge the still incarcerated to access education and job training to the extent that such programs are available to them.  Here is the link:

If, after viewing this video, you have comments, or questions, please share them here.  Are career pathways programs in correctional education something that you are interested in exploring more in 2017?  Let us hear from you!


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator