Secretary of Labor's Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship

The Secretary of Labor's Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA) has a resource page.  The Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship serves as a resource to the Department and the Office of Apprenticeship providing advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Labor in five strategic areas:

  • The development and implementation of policy, legislation, and regulations affecting the National Registered Apprenticeship System;
  • Strategies to expand the use of the Registered Apprenticeship model in demand occupations in industries such as, but not limited to, energy and healthcare;
  • Ways to more effectively partner with the public workforce system , educational institutions, and communities to leverage Registered Apprenticeship as a valued post-secondary credential;
  • The development of career pathways that can lead to good jobs for everyone and sustained employment for new and incumbent workers, youth, and under-utilized and disadvantaged populations; and
  • Efforts to improve the performance, quality and oversight, and recognition and utilization of the National Registered Apprenticeship System, which will foster quality workplaces that are safe, healthy, and fair.