September is National Workforce Development Month

During the month of September we will be celebrating National Workforce Development Month in the Career Pathways Group through a mix of live events, asynchronous discussions, and connections with other LINCS groups. 

September 1, 2021 12 pm ET Live Zoom Event-Coffee Break: What does it Mean to Be Workforce Ready?  Register HERE.

September 6, 2021 Reading and Writing Discussion: Digital and Paper-based Career Awareness Writing Prompt Ideas. 

September 13, 2021 Teaching and Learning Discussion: Effective Teaching Techniques for Contextualizing Instruction around Workforce Skills. 

September 20-24, 2021 Asynchronous Discussion: Exploring Resources and Approaches to Teaching Personal & Workplace Success Skills

And don't miss this great LIVE Zoom event in October with the Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes Group-Creating Careers for Working-Age Adults With Disabilities