Sustaining Career Pathways: Funding, Leadership, Policy, & Professional Development

As part of the Youth and Adult Pathways (YAP) Microgroup series within the Career Pathways community on the LINCS Platform, we are happy to announce the launch of the Sustaining Adult Career Pathways: Funding, Leadership, Policy, & Professional Development microgroup to be held throughout February.

This community will bring together youth and adult educators interested in improving outcomes for students as they transition into adult education settings. Several interactive live events are planned with nationally recognized leaders. This free opportunity will enable participants to:

  • Learn how to develop a plan for Career Pathway Success and Sustainability.
  • Explore local policies changes and professional development needed. 
  • Acquire tools and resources that can be customized and applied in a variety of settings; and
  • Share insight and ideas regarding strategies to facilitate student success in postsecondary education, careers, and in the community.

Scheduled events to date include:

February 5-12 listen to the archived presentation by Debra Mills, NCPN Director to set the stage for sustainability topics. February 12-28 participate in discussions and blogs on the LINCS network.   We hope you will join this online community and share your experience!

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