U.S. Depart of Labor Comment Period on WIOA Reporting

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) plans to collect detailed information about WIOA training provider programs, including the specific credentials that participants are able to earn.

DOL has proposed an amended information collection request that specifies additional data for states to report about training programs eligible to receive funding under WIOA Title I. It includes new data points about training providers:

  • including cost information;
  • program length;
  • occupations for which the program prepares students;
  • specific name of certificate, certification, license, degree, or other credential

The information request also requires a narrative performance report from states about best practices and lessons learned, including implementation of sector strategies and career pathways.  This information on WIOA implementation will help DOL assess whether the program is working to help participants earn credentials and obtain wage-earning jobs.

Public comments on the new information collection are due March 20.  Submit your comments here.