Virtual Technical Assistance for career pathways development

The Moving Pathways Forward project is specifically designed to help states implement career pathways systems that adhere to the definitions and requirements of WIOA through maximizing their existing career pathways efforts. Moving Pathways Forward provides targeted technical assistance services to assist all states in the development and implementation of their career pathways systems and facilitate local programs’ provision of career pathways services. Through participation in this project, your state will receive virtual support via a dedicated mentor (at no cost) to assist in:  

  • Examining your state's current career pathways system/activities;
  • Identifying high need areas in your state's existing career pathways efforts and setting corresponding goals to improve those areas;
  • Further developing and implementing career pathways system components;
  • Accessing resources, tools, and guidance based on states' individual needs; and
  • Engaging in peer networking with other participating states.  

Please contact with any questions about services or to schedule an introductory call with our team.