Webinar Recording: Ready to Grant: Effective Use of the U.S. Department of Labor Ready to Work Grants

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If you were not able to attend the April 3 webinar on the Skills for America's Future - Ready to Grant: Effective Use of the U.S. Department of Labor Ready to Work Grants, the URL below will link you to a recording.  This webinar provided potential grantees with strategies for engagement, serving the long-term unemployed, and targeting H1-B occupations and industries.


The information below was provided at the end of the webinar.

Gail Cope, SME, LINCS Program Management Group


Ready to Work Resource Sheet

There are 3.8 million long-term unemployed Americans (jobless for 27 weeks or more).  While the economy, in general, and unemployment rate, in particular, has improved since the height of the Great Recession in 2009, there are still too many American workers who can’t find jobs.  The long-term unemployed are often stigmatized by hiring managers and in many cases have skills in fields that are shrinking in size.    
In an effort to address some of the challenges faced by the long-term unemployed, the Obama Administration has announced the Ready to Work grants.  This grant program to be administered by the US Department of Labor is designed to provide long-term unemployed workers with individualized counseling, training and supportive and specialized services. The goal is to lead the long-term unemployed to rapid employment in occupations and industries for which employers used H1-B visas to hire foreign workers.

This page seeks to provide potential applicants with introductory information about the Ready to Work grants and links to more information. 

Quick Facts 
Total grant funds:   $150 million

Number of grants:   20-30

Grant amounts:    $3 million - $10 million

Proposals Due:    June 19 – 4:00pm Eastern

Grant Start Date:   October 1, 2014 (estimated)

Performance Period:   48 months

RFP:     http://www.dol.gov/dol/grants/SGA-DFA-PY-13-07.pdf

DOL’s Ready to Work Resource Page: http://www.doleta.gov/readytowork/

DOL’s Ready to Work Resource Page: http://www.doleta.gov/readytowork/

Application sites: http://www.grants.gov/view-opportunity.html?oppId=251554    http://www.doleta.gov/grants/find_grants.cfm

Eligible Applicants: Lead applicant of a public and private partnership of entities including: the workforce investment system; training providers, such as community colleges and community-based and faith-based organizations; and, business and business-related groups, trade associations, nonprofit business or industry, organizations functioning as workforce intermediaries for the expressed purpose of serving the needs of businesses, individual businesses, or consortia of businesses.  As a pre-condition to be considered for Ready to Work funding, there must be at least three employers or a regional industry association consisting of at least three employers who are actively engaged in the project