Webinar on Virtual Career Exploration with Nepris

Hello Career Pathways, Program Management and Integrating Technology colleagues,

As part of its field testing for the Employment Technology Fund, the Ed Tech Center at World Education is hosting free webinars to describe unique technologies that are making improvements to better serve adult learners.  Below is a webinar announcement one of those technologies, called for Nepris,

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology and Program Management groups

Virtual Career Exploration with Nepris 

Monday, October 29, 2018 
2:30 pm, Eastern Daylight Time

Nepris is an online skills-based platform that allows employers to engage directly with job seekers and learners through live, virtual interactions, providing real-time industry connections and career exploration. Workforce boards and adult education organizations can use Nepris to offer job seekers, dislocated workers, unemployed youth, and learners of all ages the live opportunities to connect with employers for virtual workplace experiences, mentorship, apprenticeships, resume preparation, mock interviews, and other career-focused concepts. 

The webinar will feature a panel of Nepris developers and leaders from different organizations using Nepris to enhance career education or job search for the learners or workers they support:

  • Sabari Raja; Co-Founder & CEO, Nepris
  • Aaron Smith; Director of Quality & Business Development, C2 GPS
  • Rosario Galvan; Administrator, LA Unified School District Division of Adult & Career Education

Official announcement and webinar registration: http://worlded.benchurl.com/c/v?e=D78C02&c=A72D&t=1&email=gopEi3Wo9dAVb4mWlvN2K1ChLVqEDDIg