WIOA and the Customer Centered Design Challenge

You can still register for the WIOA-focused Customer Centered Design Challenge and the Design-Kit: the Course for Human-Centered Design. To be invited to The White House event, each team member must register and be part of a diverse team that represents different organizations, funding streams, and partnerships to address your selected challenge. Form your team and register by April 14. 

Here’s The Customer Centered Design Challenge:

  • Form a team: 4- 10 people who have the capacity – and the courage – to think differently about how we serve our customers. They can come from inside your organization or from a group of partners.
  • Register for the CCD Challenge and we will sign you up for the DesignKit: The Human Centered Design Course to get 7 weeks of hands-on tools, support and inspiration.
  • Take on one of these challenges:
    • How might you improve the customer experience and outcomes for our shared One-Stop Customers?
    • How could you design a system to put employers in the center of our sector strategies and career pathway work?
    • How can you develop services and programs for out of school youth that will engage them and produce great outcomes?
    • How might we help formerly incarcerated individuals obtain employment and education, develop healthy relationships, and make positive decisions?
    • How might we design services that are physically and programmatically accessible to individuals with disabilities?
    • How might we improve the customer experience for English language learners, including professionals with degrees and credentials in their native countries, across partner programs?
    • Use the principles of customer-centered design to re-think, redesign and retool your current model. Tell us what happened. What did you learn? How did your customers react?