Workforce Data Quality Campaign's Picturing the Workforce Considerations for Effectively Presenting Data

The Workforce Data Quality Campaign has published a white paper, Picturing the Workforce Considerations for Effectively Presenting Data.  The following is excerpted from the introduction, explaining the purpose of this paper.

The amount of data coming out on education, training, and the labor market can seem overwhelming. Data visualization is one way to manage this information and make it usable.

Data visualization simply refers to the presentation of data in pictures or graphs, such as a bar graph or flow chart, and thus provides a way to communicate vast amounts of information efficiently.  Policymakers and members of the public, who are short on time and have many pressing issues to manage, can benefit from analyses that include high visual impact.
Data visualization could influence students and workers choosing a post-secondary  program to achieve career goals, or convince employers to set up business in one region over another. With the right approach, tools, and contextual information, data visualization can play an important role in communicating information and may contribute to meaningful change. For those exploring user-friendly ways to present data, this paper offers some issues and examples to consider.