Workforce GPS: American Job Center Customer Scenarios

States and local areas have expressed a need for tools that help American Job Centers (AJC) coordinate staff and partners to work collaboratively across programs. This publication features five illustrated stories that represent scenarios of customer experiences, and the guidance an AJC staff member might provide.  This booklet is a training tool for AJC staff and partners, and can be shared with a customer who is reluctant to discuss their own story.

These stories demonstrate the characteristics of a high-quality one-stop center:

  • Provide career services that motivate customers of all ability levels to make informed decisions based on local and regional economic demand.
  • Support and empower customers to achieve their employment and educational goals.
  • Staffed by individuals that are courteous, polite, responsive, and helpful to visitors, businesses, and job seekers.
  • Use an integrated and expert intake process for all customers. Frontline staff are highly familiar with the functions and basic eligibility requirements of each program. They can appropriately assist customers and make knowledgeable referrals to partner programs.
  • Cross-train to increase staff capacity, expertise and efficiency. This grants a universal understanding of all programs, and enables better service through shared demographic expertise.

This booklet includes five completed scenarios that illustrate a diverse set of customers and

  • Sam has an undisclosed disability and needs guidance on reasonable accommodations and other rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act while returning to the labor force.
  • Charles is an employer seeking guidance to hire and accommodate workers with disabilities and is seeking resources on employee retention.
  • Juana is a farmworker who needs to lodge a pay complaint, and additionally requires housing and education assistance.
  • Jim wants to get back to work after being incarcerated.
  • Adele is a single mother transitioning from public assistance to sustainable employment.