2014 GED vs TABE score correlations


Are TABE scores correlated to GED scores?  If so, can I get access to a grid reflecting the correlations between A, D, M, & E TABE scale scores and 2014 GED scores?


Ted Oparnico



Ted, you ask an excellent question. I have not seen a crosswalk like this yet and I hope that someone in this community can help us with this. 

In the meantime, I find this content comparison between GED 2002 and GED 2014 really helpful. LINK

~ Priyanka Sharma

This is great information.  However, I am also looking for an official correlation between GED 2002 and GED 2014 scores to use for scholarship purposes and other entrance requirements for PSE programs. Does one exist?



Good morning Priyanka-

Thank you for the comparison at a glance information.  I would still be interested in correlation scores between the TABE scores and '14 test scores if anything is out there.  Let me know you come across something of that variety please.  Have a tremendous Wednesday!


Hi Ted,

One of our group members is having difficulties posting messages.  She has sent me information for you.  I have included it below:

These questions can be asked to GEDTS directly using this email address: help@GEDtestingservice.com  > 

Here’s the site that I got the email address from: http://www.gedtestingservice.com/testers/contact-us  >


If you find the answer you are looking for - or anything else that would be useful to our members - please post them within this discussion strand.


Rochelle Kenyon, SME