Any ESOL-friendly digital skills curricula out there?

Hello everyone, 

I'm working with ESOL programs looking for ESOL-friendly digital skills curricula or cohesive scope and sequence to help guide computer and technology learning, and am wondering if anyone has one to share, or can point me to where any may be living. This is for a meeting on January 4. Much appreciated!

(I'm cross-posting to the Career group because digital skills are job skills.)


Thanks, Alecia!

CrowdED is working to expand our ESOL resources in the coming year. We are also going to be updating our skills directory to be more searchable (as opposed to stagnant PDFs) so you can search by topic and other filters (i.e., Digital Literacy, ESOL). 

That said, some info:

  • The Communication directory within our Skills Directory has a lot of great ESOL resources
  • I see Diana found the English Language focused employability skills curriculum from Bow Valley College. Very cool resource because it has many different versions, online and offline, and connects to videos and interactive quizzes. 
  • The Learn to Earn Toolkit from NCFL also has some good employability skills lessons related to english. (Also in the Employability Skills directory.)
  • Both and offer all their courses in English and Spanish (not ESOL, I know, but helpful for some)
  • The Digital Homeroom is a great project that was developed in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and organizes resources from various sources around digital skills in Computer Basics, Word Processing, Internet Skills, and Email Skills. I'm fairly certain the student testing they did was with some if not all ESOL students. 
  • The Texas State Library also has a comprehensive set of resources that includes seven modules containing student resources, teacher presentations, applied activities, and student surveys related to digital skills, available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. They indicate that each module should take about 2-4 hours to complete. 

Hope these help!!!


This website was created by a group of AmeriCorps members that I worked with as part of an 18 month study on digital literacy and learning opportunities for adult refugees.  It is aligned to Northstar and offers a user interface designed through an iterative and research-based process. The result is a clear site that even learners with minimal literacy skills can navigate.


It includes links to popular sites like GCF Learn Free and Digital Learn.