Balancing Life Roles while Pursuing a Career Pathway: Resources for adult education staff and adult learners

Donald Super's Concept of Career Maturity states that, "Phases of career maturity develop along multisided elements and are a life-long process. The diversity of life roles experienced by individuals over the life span include biographical (needs, values and interests), psychological (intelligence, aptitudes), and socioeconomic (community, school, family, peers) determinants. Developmental stages from childhood to adulthood are also part of phase development. Finally included are environmental factors such as employment practices and labor markets. The keystone of career maturity is always the self or person who experiences the personal and social forces."

As adult education practitioners, you may find it helpful to have adult learners complete the Life Rainbow activity (Printable Life Rainbow) to identify the many roles they play, and use it to help them determine various occupations in a career pathway that match up well with their needs, values, and interests. 

Below are two other resources you might find helpful when assisting adult learners in developing a career plan. If you use or have used any other the resources, please share how it went in this discussion feed. 


The life-rainbow and SMART career goal setting is one way you can help prepare learners for transitioning to employment or training. What are some other tools and resources that have been helpful in preparing adults for transition to the workforce or training and education options?