Building Lifelong Learners in 2022

Adult learners and teachers have had to learn a lot of new things and tech tools over the last two years. 2022 is a great time to promote the importance of being a lifelong learner and not seeing learning as just a means to an end. Technology is always changing and progressing, so even though teachers and learners might finally be feeling comfortable using learning management systems (LMS), text messaging, and Zoom, we can continue to grow our knowledge in 2022 by learning new technologies and learning ways to use familiar technology in new ways.  

That's why our first live Career Pathways event for 2022 will be on a newer technology that hasn't had much discussion in this group- virtual reality. Join myself and Michael Carbenia on Wednesday, January 5th from 3-4 pm ET to hear How Virtual Reality is Helping Adults Obtain Industry Recognized Credentials