Career and career pathways videos on The Literacy List

Career pathways teachers,

Perhaps you would be interested in free, online career-related videos for your students. If so, you will find a good list of free career and work-related videos suitable for adult learners on The Literacy List at ABE,  ASE, ESOL/ESL and Career Pathways Instructional Videos.

I would be interested in your comments on this small collection of career pathways instructional video websites. For example:

  • Do you use any of these now, and if so which ones?
  • Which ones do you think are especially promising for your students, and why?
  • Is there a free, online career or career pathways instructional video website that you think should be added to this web page? If so, please provide the web address and why you like it.
  • How do you/would you use career or career pathways instructional videos with your students?

David J. Rosen


Thank you, David, for sharing this list of career-related videos.  I have used the CareerOneStop Videos with learners spanning from high school through adult education and vocational rehabilitation.  I like this resource of over 550 videos for several reasons:

  • Videos are available in both English and Spanish
  • Videos can be searched by 16 career clusters, as well as individual career titles.  The career clusters option helps learners explore related careers that they may not have considered, or even known existed.
  • Videos can be searched by skills and abilities.  This is useful for learners who have completed some type of career assessment, and want to explore careers based on identified skills and abilities.
  • Videos can be explore based on training/education type:  No college; 2-year degree; On-the-job training; etc.
  • As part of the CareerOneStop Network, learners can also easily access the database of training opportunities, a resume writing guide, as well as their local American Job Centers, and job postings in their community.

I'm also curious how others are using these videos and resources in their career pathways programs.  Which resources do you and your learners find most helpful?  What would make the CareerOneStop materials more easy to use with learners?


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator