Is Career and Technical Education a Good Match for Adult Learners?

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) month, so it seems like a great time to share information related to CTE and adult learners gathered by Advance CTE

  • Occupations in the skilled trades, sales and marketing, driving and logistics, construction, customer support and health care are some of the top jobs employers are having trouble filling in the United States. CTE plays a critical role in training workers in these areas.
  • Many of the 30 million good jobs available without a bachelor’s degree are found in the skilled trades, health care and hospitality.
  • Adults who complete Washington State’s Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) program, which teaches basic skills in a CTE context, are significantly more likely to enroll in college courses, complete core college math and English classes and earn twice as many college credits than those in other basic skills programs.

What CTE career clusters have you seen adult learners have the most success transitioning to from adult education programs?

If your adult education program has partnered with a CTE program to do Integrated Education and Training, what tips can you provide to this community on partnering, developing, and building capacity around CTE-related IETs?